Starting at the knit. The knit we use has been custom developed called ultra-knit. It is a 470 gsm (grams per meter). This gives the garment a heavy feel whilst maintaining a soft brushed interior. 
On to the dye. These have been dyed using a pigment dye. This has been used to create a look that develops over time. Pigment dye gives that natural worn lookto a garment which is exactly the personality we wanted to give our garments. 
Don't worry here is a bit aboutsustainability, By using 100% GOTS certified cotton on all of our products, this means our garments are biodegradable as well as recyclable due to there being no polyester/viscose content. Where we have had to use 100% polyester is the zipper tape, which has been recycled from PET bottles and supplied by the world renowned YKK. Our dyeing process uses pigment dyes which have relatively large molecules that allow it to be easily filtered at water treatment plants.
The design is inspired by wanting to create a signature for Venus Lounge. Something that is personal to someone is their signature and everyones is unique. This is where the idea for creating a Venus Lounge Signature.