V E N U S  L O U N G E, Founded by Daniel William Atkins in 2020, is a creative expression born out of London. Inspired by the world around us and the constant desire to go against the grain, expressing luxury, creativity and experiences on ready to wear collections.

V E N U S  L O U N G E is Inspired by the belief that anyone is capable. In today’s society, stories and inspiration get turned into excuses and stagnation. V E N U S  L O U N G E changes this by harmoniously balancing the expression of elation and nostalgia through visual creations.

With no prior fashion background or education Dan created V E N U S  L O U N G E to be a collective journey. A place for its members to travel with the brand from infancy to prosperity. 

Through never following the normal route in life Dan chose a vulnerable path by  growing up against the grain carving his own path in society. Learning as he went from childhood to adulthood through experimentation and risk. With the desire to inspire others that a different perspective can change your life’s narrative, V E N U S  L O U N G E was born. 

The brand that continues to grow with Dan and its ever-expanding fan base, culminating in luxury curated pieces available to you. 

"Cloud 9 awaits"

 Super heavy weight luxury olive green tee, t-shirt. Exclusive 1 of 10 tee designed exclusively for New Years eve. Made from the finest cotton and the highest quality manufacturing processes